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All posts are created from the viewpoint that faith in Christ and Him crucified is how we receive every good thing from God. When our faith is in the correct object, the Holy Spirit can work through us, bringing out the Power of God in our life.

Biblical Truths for the USA

Without God and the Bible as our foundation and guidance, there is little hope for the United States. We are in need of a spiritual awakening like never before in the history of this country. The USA is morally bankrupt and on the verge of a collapse economically and spiritually.


We are out of time. We must turn back to God and His Word before it is too late: Some basic Biblical fundamentals all citizens should learn and quickly.

1 – Wherever God’s law is supreme, life and property are safe. Wherever the Bible is despised or discarded, neither life nor property is secure.


2 – When worldly friends were discussing theories around the dining table one day, Voltaire said: “Hush, gentlemen, till the servants are gone. If they believed as we do, none of our lives would be safe.” The influence of the Bible in restraining sin and promoting righteousness is one of the evidences that it is a supernatural and divine revelation.

3) A nation without God’s guidance is a nation without order. Happy are those who keep God’s law!

4) In Romans 1, the apostle Paul gives the four step decline in the history of the nation that forgets God:
  • A nation rejects God
  • turns to false religion
  • it becomes bogged down in immorality and violence,
  • and then God judges it.
  • Consequently, a nation without God is a nation in serious trouble.(excerpt from The Preceptor)

Tell me why

The movies say, “I’ll entertain you, but you must buy a ticket first.”
The restaurant asks, “Eat here but you have to pay the bill.”


Father, where is your boy tonight?

 “A father took his little child out into the field one Sabbath, and he lay down under a beautiful shady tree, it being a hot day. The little child ran about gathering wild flowers