Pioneers For Christ Grenada Program

PFC is a program that will take children from age 5 to teenagers age 17 through a journey down the “Warrior’s Path” as they complete different “gates”. As they apply themselves to these gates, they find that they can do all thing through Christ who strengthens them. The main goal of PFC is to win kids to Christ and maintaining a life long relationship with God.
This ministry is designed to embrace many vital areas of a child’s life. It helps them to become better Christians, neighbors and citizens.
Spiritual development includes the following:
1 – Bible Study: Devotionals every meeting 
2 – Scripture Memorization
3 – Understanding the Church and being a good member
4 – How to be a Good Steward , Supporting Missions
Pioneers for Christ Grenada outdoor activities include:
1 – Archery
2 – Camping
3 – First Aid
4 – Sign Language
5 – Hunter Safety
6 – Outdoor Survival
7 – Compass Skills
8 – Hatchet Throwing
Enrollment is open from ages 5 – 17. Please have an adult fill out the form below and we will contact you. You can also call us directly at (662) 294-0608 – Please leave a voicemail so we can return your call