Prayer Request

Sandra Lopez, November 25, 2019 - 10:34 pm

I'm in need of PRAYERS for my grandson Haydin. His dad and my daughter have been going to court for custody and the court has ordered that my grandson stay with my daughter.. Now, his dad is planning on moving to Maryland and taking him…my grandson is worried as well as myself. This is supposed to take place during Christmas break… We dont have funds for another Attorney…I just finished paying off $6,000.00 for the last court appearance with a Attorney… I'm PRAYING that our mighty GOD will take care of this and his father won't take him away from us. My grandson was crying today and said to his mom, I know that you won't STOP looking for me because you LOVE ME….also he told her that he will find a police officer and tell him that he wants to co.come back home with his mama….This is breaking my heart… so PLEASE be PRAYING for my grandson Haydin that he doesn't have to go through this horrible experience…. Thank you all that are PRAYING for us…..