Prayer Request

Anonymous, January 8, 2022 - 5:25 pm

*Please* pray that The Lord introduce me and make me family friends w/ a positively shrewd, skilled, knowledgeable, very spiritually mature, high-powered lawyer & law firm that will successfully shepherd me by His Hand to deliver me out of many intractably abusive situations in my life, especially student abuse/hazing at the hands of academia.Pray that God have these lawyers w/ and be further blessed w/ track records of tremendous success, supremely wise discernment, expert legal knowledge that is bulletproof, & an even keel. Please pray I be introduced to them forthwith. I could use this fellowship & friendships ASAP. Pray for that and that it be lifelong! Please pray over all these things specifically, not just summarizing, and also for whatever the Holy Spirit is prompting you! Thank you, and praise The Lord!