Power of the Cross Radio 2021 Fundraiser

Our station must have the funds to continue to bring music and messages to the world. We are supported 100% by listeners. We do not run ads on our station so we can bring Christian content without the influence of commercial advertising.

We need to funds to pay for licenses and music in the coming year. Our 2021 goal is $5000. The Lighthouse church takes care of all the costs associated with the radio production (equipment, software, etc), so we are asking listeners outside the church to help with our efforts and we know you will be blessed ! The mandate of every Christian is to Preach the Gospel to everyone. What better and easier way to be part of that work by helping us go into the world with the Message of Christ and Him Crucified!

Our station is located at the web address www.cross.radio . It streams 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week with listeners across the globe. Our station can be received in every country on the planet.

Update 3/24/2021 – we are halfway at meeting our yearly goal. Another $2500 is needed. Thanks to everyone for your help so far!

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