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memorial day 2024

Remembering Sacrifices

memorial day 2024
Memorial Day is a time to honor the profound sacrifices made by those who have fought to keep the United States a land of freedom. Among the most poignant traditions is the remembrance at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
On November 11, 1921, three years after the end of World War I, six American soldiers were sent back to France for a solemn duty. Outside the Chapel at Chalons-sur-Marne, an officer addressed them with these words: “Men, it is my task to choose one of you to perform a great and sacred duty.” He handed a rose to Sgt. Edward Younger and instructed him, “In this church are four caskets. In them lie the bodies of four nameless soldiers. Go into the chapel and place the rose on one of the caskets.”
Sgt. Younger performed his duty, and the chosen casket was transported back to America. It was placed in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, symbolizing all the brave men who died so our nation could remain free. The inscription on the tomb reads, “Here rests in honored glory an American Soldier known but to God.”
In 1958, two more unknown soldiers from World War II and the Korean War were laid to rest there. President Ronald Reagan later added an unknown soldier from the Vietnam War.
This tomb stands as a powerful tribute to all those who have laid down their lives on the altar of freedom. Today, on Memorial Day 2024, we salute and honor every service member who has contributed to securing our freedoms in this One Nation Under God !!!

Christmas Begins

Unravelling The Mystery Of Christmas

Christmas Begins

Where Did Christmas Begin?

This blog post will help in uncovering the mysterious origin of one of the most beloved holidays in the world – Christmas! We’ll explore the interesting history of Christmas and how it has become the beloved holiday we know and love today.


Christmas In 336 A.D.

Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated holidays around the world. But do any of us know where it all started? The origin of Christmas goes back to the third century. Christmas was started in 336 A.D. by a group a Christians that were increasingly interested in the Nativity. Their interest grew so much they began to meet to talk about the Birth of Christ. They met on December the 25th.
The Chronograph of 354 is a compilation of chronological and calendrical texts produced in 354 AD for a wealthy Roman Christian named Valentinus, it records that a Christmas celebration took place in Rome eight days before the calends of January by that group. So, the observance of Christ’s Birthday was started by Christians in 336. Paganism may have corrupted some aspects of it but Christians started it and should continue this tradition.
In addition, another key moment came when Christianity spread across Europe from its beginnings in Rome centuries ago and eventually reached desolate colder climates such as Germany and Scandinavia. It is thought that Christian missionaries traveling through these countries helped bring about what we now call “Christmas”. As they incorporated local customs into their faith-based celebrations marking Jesus’ birth, new traditions gradually emerged including caroling, lighting candles to signify God’s presence, exchanging presents as an act of love and taking part in feasts or parties on December 25th – giving rise to what would become our contemporary view on how to celebrate Christmas today!
Consequently, what we celebrate today typically reflects our own cultural backgrounds whether they may come from Paganism or Christianity origin. We have all become accustomed to certain popular customs which may differ even within the same nation due various factors such as demographics. Multiculturalism changes expressed differently on each continent just goes to show much diversity exists surrounding the topic of Christmas despite long lasting impressions created since very beginnings back many centuries ago.
As modern societies continue evolving bringing together old faith practices along numerous global influences, the meaningful spirit behind celebrating Christmastide will stay strong among future generations bestowed onto them through countless stories handed down over many years. We must keep ourselves to the importance of uniting underneath the single shared message of Christmas. That message is that the Lord Jesus Christ was sent to save all people from their sins.

Along the way , just maybe the human race will live peacefully together side by side, despite differences every country holds, freeing citizens to harmonize joyful and in unity whenever Christmas season arises!

Andrew Jackson

Take The Pardon

Andrew Jackson
In 1829 , a Philadelphia man named George Wilson Robbed the US Mail and killed someone in the process. Wilson was arrested, brought to trial, found guilty and sentenced to be hanged. Some friends intervened and were able to obtain a pardon for him from President Andrew Jackson.
But when Wilson was informed of this, he refused the pardon. The Sheriff was unwilling to carry out the execution. How could he when the pardon letter was laying on his desk? An appeal was sent to President Jackson. The President turned to the Supreme Court to decide the case.
Chief Justice Marshall ruled the pardon is just a piece of paper. The value of the pardon depends on its acceptance by the person implicated. So, if the pardon was refused by that person, it is then not a pardon.
George Wilson was hanged with his pardon laying on the Sheriffs desk. The pardon of Wilson pales in comparison to the greatest pardon ever offered to mankind. The forgiveness that is offered from Cross of Christ is so powerful that every single human can accept the pardon of Jesus in exchange for forgiveness of sins that leads to eternal life.
Don’t reject such a great salvation. Ask Jesus to come into your heart today

Luis Palua - Argentine Evangelist

God Calls The Most Unwanted

Luis Palua - Argentine Evangelist

Luis Palua, the great Argentine Evangelist told the story of a woman in Peru whose life was radically changed by the Power of the Cross. Rosario was her name. She was a brutal terrorist. This evil woman was an expert in several martial arts which she used to kill more than 12 policeman.  When Luis conducted a crusade in Lima, she learned of it. She became enraged at the message Luis was bringing, Rosario made her way to the stadium to kill the evangelist.

In the Stadium, as Rosario contemplated on how to get to Luis, she began to listen to the message he preached on hell.. She fell under such great conviction and accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. Ten years later, Luis met this lady for the first time. By then she had assisted in planting 5 churches. Rosario was a vibrant , active witness and worker in the church. She also went on to found an orphanage that housed over one thousand children.

Life After Death

What Happens When You Die?

Life After Death


If you have come to this page, it’s likely because you are searching for answers about what happens when you die. Before we get into that however, let’s talk about some important things that everyone should know about the Bible and Jesus Christ.



Jesus is the only way to heaven and eternal life. He said so Himself:

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” (John 14:6)

The apostle Paul also taught this truth emphatically when he said: “For there is no distinction between Jew or Greek; for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” (Romans 3:22-23). And again when he explained how we must be saved by Jesus Christ alone if we are going to spend eternity in heaven with God: “For all have sinned”. Everyone will be held accountable in eternity for the decisions made in life.


Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6).

In this verse, Jesus is clearly saying that He is the only way to heaven. Notice that He does not say that His followers are on their own way to heaven, but rather that they must walk along with Him in order to get there. The Bible teaches us that all men have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory (Romans 3:23), therefore no one will ever be good enough to enter Heaven by their own merit alone.

Don’t be fooled by people like Oprah Winfrey (and there are many others making that claim). She said there is more than one way to God. That is a lie.


“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.” John 3:16-17

Jesus is our way to Heaven! It’s that simple. It all starts with believing. You do not have to understand the Bible and attend church to receive eternal life. Just like in life, you start out by being born. You have to start at the beginning and that beginning is saying YES to Jesus

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, then I would invite you to do so today. There are no strings attached: no forms to fill out or any other requirements beyond simply asking Him to forgive your sins and receive Him as Lord & Savior (see Romans 10:9-11). We may not understand everything about God’s ways but one thing we know for sure – if you’re not saved from sin then there’s no escape from an eternity in hell separated from God. Christians are called “saints” because they belong exclusively to Jesus Christ; not because of good works they have done. Also, sinners cannot become saints by merely calling themselves by some name other than what God has given them (Matthew 7:21-23).


Jesus paid for our sin on the Cross. We can accept His gift of salvation by repenting from our sins and trusting Him as Lord and Savior. It’s important to understand that it’s not enough just to know about Jesus; we need to be born again (John 3:7). THIS YOU MUST KNOW – We accept salvation by confessing our sins and asking Jesus to come into our heart. That’s it and that simple.


Hell, as the Bible teaches, is a place of eternal torment and separation from God. The Bible clearly states that those who reject Jesus Christ will be eternally separated from Him in hell (Matthew 25:46; 2 Thessalonians 1:9). Hell is also a place where the wicked are tormented by their own sins for eternity (Revelation 14:10-11). There is no purgatory, there are no “do over” in eternity.

“And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.” Matthew 3:10

The Bible teaches that hell was prepared for Satan, his angels and anyone who rejects Jesus (Matthew 25:41). This means that even though humans are fallen creatures due to Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden, we have no excuse for rejecting Christ’s offer of salvation. As Paul wrote in Romans 1:18-32: “Their foolish hearts were darkened…they exchanged the truth about God for a lie…they worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised! Amen. Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts…They exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones…Women likewise betrayed their natural function into one contrary to nature….In this way too men committed shameless acts with men….”. Many in this generation are being fed the lie they can do anything they want and escape the Judgement of God. Please understand, Hell is a reality for the unsaved.


Salvation is a free gift from God. “For by grace you have been saved through faith,” Ephesians 2:8 says. Jesus paid our sin debt on the cross, so that we could be forgiven when we believe in Him for salvation. If you’ve believed in Jesus Christ as your Savior, then you are saved! You will go to heaven when you die. Those who reject him will be condemned to hell where there is eternal punishment (Matthew 25:46). The Judgement of God must fall and it will either fall on the Substitute , Jesus , or it will fall on the sinner. The choice is yours.


It has been shown that the Bible teaches that Jesus is the only way to heaven. This means that everyone who rejects Jesus as Savior will spend eternity in Hell. But if you believe in Him and repent from your sins, then God will forgive you and give you eternal life in Heaven! There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

So what are you waiting for? Accept Jesus Christ as Lord today!

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Frane Salek

Did You Have A Bad Day?

Frane Salek
If you think you have had a bad week, remember the name Frane Salek has the most interesting story of them all.
In 1962, Frane was traveling in Croatia by train when the train derailed and plunged into the river below. 17 people died…but Frane survived.
In 1963, Frane was thrown from a plane when a malfunctioning door threw him out yet landed into a haystack and survived.
In 1966, Frane was aboard a bus that slid off the road and into a river. Again, he survived where 4 others were killed. In 1970, his car caught on fire…Frane survived.
In 1973, his car had a faulty fuel line starting a fire but he was rescued before the explosion. In 1995, Frane was hit by a bus. In 1996 he avoided a head on collision, hit the guard rail, was ejected from the car and watched his car plummet 300 feet below.
And then in 2003, Frane WON THE LOTTERY for $1 million dollars! He gave most of his fortune away in exchange for a simple life. Through all these experiences, he later said, “I know God was watching over me and no matter what happened or how bad things got, I never gave up hope.”