Prayer Request

Anonymous, February 28, 2022 - 3:31 pm

My great-uncle has advanced stageIV prostate ca & doesn’t have much time left. He’s also “quite resistant” (Holy Spirit) to the Gospel & seems squeamish over if he can trust the real Jesus (grew up in the Serbian Orthodox cult; ALL of Eastern Orthodoxy is a cult; they preach ‘second afterlifes,’ Catholic-esque works-based soteriology, ‘pray’ to saints, ALLL that; The Lord revealed to me prophetically in a vivid vision late at night recently that “very few” of my ancestors altogether are in Heaven). Pray that God “pull a miracle” (Holy Spirit) to rescue him, SAVE him, & tear down ALL his defenses to ensure his salvation. Pray that God minimize the TOXIC influence of his jezebelic wife & jezebelic niece in the meantime. Pray that his heart be receptive to ministry, prophetic & all else. Pray God remove all worldly.. ‘sensibilities’ & give him proper reverence for Him. Pray for whatever else the Holy Spirit prompts you, please. PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR? PASS THIS ON TO *EVERYBODY* RUNNING THE PRAYER MINISTRY AND SENIOR CHURCH LEADERSHIP. God wants to leave the 99 to rescue this lost sheep!! Thank you, and praise HIM!