Prayer Request

Ryan, March 24, 2022 - 5:00 am

My mother & sister, both EXTREMELY MILITANT atheists w/ FORMIDABLE Jezebel spirits, unfortunately, have had a very unhealthy, rank, unrepentant codependency in their relationship for such a long time. Once, they even spoke over the phone for ~5.5hrs in a single day. They do nothing but maliciously gossip, slandering so many others & serially lying in their wake, despite my even warning my sis. Pray that God *untwist* and *unravel* this codependency for good. Pray He bless them w/ ppl who will hold them to account. Pray *also* that God *expose* the treachery that I KNOW my mother & sister have committed against *each* *other* over many, *many* years. That last bit is very important. As militant unbelievers who are closed off to Jesus despite having been evangelized *numerous* times and having seen NUMEROUS signs & wonders come to pass, including the miraculous survival and healing of my niece in the womb during my sister’s pregnancy, they, with all due respect to them, lack the ability to reason & the foresight to determine what is even normal, let alone what is moral. As such, despite being confronted and questioned, they simply lack the self-awareness to ameliorate their relationships w/ each other or others without God’s divine intervention. Pray over *ALL* these things *specifically*, please. They’re all important. And pray, please, because I KNOW the Holy Spirit will answer this prayer if you do, *whatever* *else* He prompts you to pray over/for/against here. My mother & sister, as very typical Jezebels, frequently coordinate, conspire, MANIPULATE *COLDHEARTEDLY*, and plot against many others. Please pray that these plots and *all* other heinous acts be exposed, *verified*, and *all* *PROVEN* (this is VERY important!) and that God do this, too, A! S! A! P! (THIS, TOO, IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU MAY REALIZE!), as they have VERY serious ramifications!!

Thank you dearly for your intercession, and praise The Lord.