Prayer Request

Anonymous, May 11, 2022 - 8:50 am

My Lord my God, you created me and this worl equal. I plead

you interced fro me and send your angles to interced on my


My neighbours out of jealousy, make sure that I cannot work

from the house. Our flat is very humbel and the alls are very

thin, and the floor is weak. They jump on the floor, play very

loud music, wehn they hear me talkiing to a customer on the

phone. This is all out of jealousy.

I pray, you send you angels as you my witness and you see

their actions and their hearts.

The women left behind by their husbands fight me not to ork as

I stay alone and have no boymfriend or husband. Their

jealouusy is poisonous to those whom have employed them, as

one of my neighbours the byfriend works at a near shop where I

purchase my daily supplies. My Father, I no longer go to that

shop that is the poison, as it affects others who are not

involved in their evil deed.

I pray that you ointerced for me my Father.