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Ronnie Mitchem Interview

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This audio file is a radio interview with Pastor Ronnie Mitchem. Ronnie is the pastor of the Victory & Praise Worship Center and coach for homeschooled children football program in Texas

Ronnie Mitchem founded Victory & Praise located in 2004 at Crosby Texas. He has successfully built a powerful church that is growing and reaching people in his local area and around the world. Pastor Mitchem attended Evangel College of the Assemblies of God and the Berea Bible College. Pastor Mitchem has ministered in prisons, camp meetings, and churches all over the United States and in foreign countries. His ministry is known world wide with appearances on the SBN Christian Television Channel and also appearances on the Francis & Friends talk show. 

In 2017 , Ronnie Mitchem was brought into national media attention during an incident with two teenage football players kneeling at a football game in protest to the American flag. When Mitchem removed the boys from his football team, the media thrust him into the public arena of national debate. Ronnie took a stand to defend his faith in God and his love for America. This interview covers what happened before, during and after the football game. 
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