Luis Palua - Argentine Evangelist

God Calls The Most Unwanted

Luis Palua - Argentine Evangelist

Luis Palua, the great Argentine Evangelist told the story of a woman in Peru whose life was radically changed by the Power of the Cross. Rosario was her name. She was a brutal terrorist. This evil woman was an expert in several martial arts which she used to kill more than 12 policeman.  When Luis conducted a crusade in Lima, she learned of it. She became enraged at the message Luis was bringing, Rosario made her way to the stadium to kill the evangelist.

In the Stadium, as Rosario contemplated on how to get to Luis, she began to listen to the message he preached on hell.. She fell under such great conviction and accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. Ten years later, Luis met this lady for the first time. By then she had assisted in planting 5 churches. Rosario was a vibrant , active witness and worker in the church. She also went on to found an orphanage that housed over one thousand children.

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