Prayer Request

Anonymous, January 18, 2020 - 6:41 pm

Please pray for emotional healing for Rebecca, Jody, Victoria, Cassandra, Sara, Julie, Patrick, Andrea, Blaise, David, Natalie, Mark, Brenden, Emily, Zach and Sean. Pray that all these individuals learn to forgive others who have hurt them, mistreated them, lied to them/lied to others about them, who rejected them, who didn’t value them, who caused them to all feel so angry and resentful. Pray God brings forth healing to all areas of their lives which were broken because of the mistreatment they experienced. Helped them to forgive others in their past. Help bring healing to these families who have suffered greatly from the verbal and emotional abuse. Help them to find forgiveness instead of rage, compassion instead of hate, love instead of pride, peace instead of hatred. Pray God brings deliverance to them from the stronghold demons that are bound to them and hold them in captivity for their sins and transgressions. Pray God helps them to no longer be blind, deaf, and have a hard heart. Pray God helps them to see, hear, and feel his presence in their lives. Pray God brings deliverance and salvation to Roanna, Einar, Kate, Danny, David, Johnny, Alex, Kristin, Jenny, Lauren and Emily. Help them to be humbled, kinder more loving people instead of arrogant, rude, judgmental, and prideful people. Pray God changes their lives and guides their paths. Help them to be more honest, considerate, empathetic, and loving people. Pray God breaks them from all their evil sins and addictions. Help them to find some form of peace and acceptance. Help bring forgiveness and peace between Sara and Victoria. Help them to be better friends to each other, to be supportive, and loving and forgiving. Help Sara especially to know God and help her to have strength, to not feel like a failure, to not feel alone and alienated, and to find happiness. Help Emily and Zach on their marriage, their struggles and anxieties, and their emotions and reactions. Help all these people deal with things, forgive and move on from them.