Prayer Request

Anonymous, February 2, 2020 - 2:08 pm

Please pray for Patrick to be protected while he travels to Thailand this month. Pray he is protected from any evil spirits, demons or witchcraft that might attack him or attach themselves to him. Pray God assigns mighty warrior angels to protect him and guard him this month. Pray Patrick believes in God and learns to pray. Pray God reminds him that champ loves him, cares about him, misses him, and is praying for him. Pray God provides him with a translator to help him while in Thailand. Pray for healing and blessings to him for him to accomplish his goals while in Thailand. Pray for him to find peace and forgiveness to those who have hurt him in the past. Pray he stops having nightmares. Pray he stops having fear, anxiety, or depression. Pray God helps him with his faith and gives him the strength he needs.