Prayer Request

Gale Steed, April 21, 2020 - 8:10 pm

Please pray for my niece Amanda Dorris. She is an alcoholic. A couple of weeks ago she tried to kill herself by cutting her throat. She was put in a mental hospital for a week and was diagnosed with post partum depression (4 month old baby). She stays very depressed. She believes in God and has asked God to help her stop drinking. She called me the other night (drinking) and I talked with her for a long time and prayed with her several times. She says she prays and prays but nothing changes. I prayed that if she drinks alcohol would make her sick enough to vomit. Tonight her mother messaged me that she is drinking tonight.

She is in bondage! She is unaware that I know she has several facebook pages, one for people like me to see to see the good side she wants us to see, then there are other pages where she curses and and shares posts that she would die if she knew I knew about. She needs deliverance on so many levels. She drinks so much she blacks out. Her mother is terrified that she is going to lose her daughter. Please help us pray!