Prayer Request

Anonymous, September 6, 2020 - 12:49 pm

Please pray for my son as he goes to visit his father this Thursday. His father is not living for GOD. He lives at two different places. So, my son will have to go stay at a total stranger's place, with the possibility of his father not even staying there with him some of the time. His father is known to be a partygoer that consumes alcohol on a regular basis. There are many unknowns as he goes to visit. I am asking for prayer for his safety and for them not to argue. His father can be very controlling, having a proven temper. So, it can make for difficult situations. My son has health issues and really doesn't need the stress of going, but he misses his father, wants a relationship. They rarely see one another. Asking for prayer for traveling mercies as well. Thank you for your prayers!