Prayer Request

Anonymous, July 26, 2021 - 12:35 pm

Please pray that God remove from the world, especially the terribly backslidden American Church, cursed objects and other ungodly forms of entertainment (video games, movies, TV shows, novels, etc.) that are rife with occulted, cultic, and openly satanic practices. I have been persecuted even by *other* *Christians* simply for being led by the Holy Spirit to prayerfully, gracefully, recommend spiritual housecleaning in general and specific ways. This happened to me even in a charismatic Pentecostal church I attended in the past. The idolatry of worldly traditions and pop culture in the American Church is simply insane. It has gotten to the point to where these cursed activities are even being preached favorably from the pulpit. It’s not normal. It’s not scriptural. It’s so dangerous for posterity. Please pray that God massively purge the American Church of this worldly legalism of cursed objects and non-Christian spiritual activities. Please pray for an Acts–Joshua–Deuteronomy anointing upon responsible shepherds who will lead their flocks to true, unbridled, legalism-free freedom in Christ.