Prayer Request

Anonymous, January 8, 2022 - 8:10 am

PLEASE HAVE *EVERYBODY* IN YOUR MINISTRY, including upper echelons & ALL OTHER FAITHFUL INTERCESSORS YOU KNOW (AND EVEN UPPERMOST CHURCH LEADERS; I AM FROM A SPIRITUALLY DRY AREA AND LACK A SUPPORT SYSTEM), pray that even despite unique challenges I face (additionally, I am a premed student), that by God’s grace, I 4-point EVERY class this winter semester (doable!) and that this semester be made supernaturally MUCH easier by God’s grace: in terms of my learning, my studying, my study skills, my time management, my productivity, my ability to manage extenuating circumstances, the alleviation of those extenuating circumstances, REINING IN ALL possible professorial misconduct BEFORE it happens (the college I attend is VERY corrupt, as God has revealed to me) AND ALL ELSE WHEN GOD FORBID IT DOES HAPPEN (I STRONGLY believe the Holy Spirit has prompted me that as more apologies to other people for hideous past offenses (for which I have LONG repented, praise God!) have gotten and especially will be getting done soon, the injustice I face will be refreshingly less frequent, less severe, & less intractable just based on that deliverance alone!), extracurricular SUCCESS & BALANCE, & finally, God’s successful and successfully gleaned resources to help me succeed, ESPECIALLY with Physics. And please pray ESPECIALLY over that class & medical terminology. I ask, *please*, and your intercession over other things. I believe, has HELPED (THANK YOU!), that you pray over ALL these things as I have written them, along with whatever else the Holy Spirit is promoting you. And I ask, *PLEASE*, *PLEASE*, *PLEASE*, that you pass this ENTIRE PRAYER REQUEST ON TO EVERYBODY ABOVE, AND THAT *ALL* OF YOU PLEASE INCLUDE THIS IN REGULAR DAILY INTERCESSION OVER ME, PLEASE (UNTIL SECOND WEEK OF MAY)! I WOULD BE *SO* GRATEFUL! *Please*, *PLEASE* pass this on!

Thank you, and praise The Lord!