Prayer Request

Anonymous, June 29, 2022 - 10:15 am

Hand to God, I was embezzled multiple times. I NEED to prove both cases. Statute of limitations is STARTING to come up on one of these cases. Pray God successfully have ALL the cases prosecuted, ALL on time. There’s a sequence of events/tasks I *MUST* execute b4 I can have the ppl prosecuted. Pray God initiate ALL these events NOW &set the completion of ALL required tasks in motion WITHOUT DELAY. This is SO important. I lost SO. MUCH. MONEY from the embezzlers. Pray that there be MORE THAN ENOUGH evidence (hand to God, I know for a fact it was done) for conviction of them. Pray ALL these things, please, NOT paraphrasing or overlooking anything — THIS IS *PARAMOUNT*, especially the tasks/events part. Please pray it be easily done, this. And please pray whatever else Holy Spirit prompts you. Thank you all, and praise The Lord. Do me a favor and be a sport, will you? Please PASS THIS ON to EVERY faithful CHRISTIAN intercessor you know, even BEYOND this ministry. Thank you!