Prayer Request

Anonymous, July 26, 2022 - 2:19 pm

God has blessed me with NUMEROUS prophecies (I’ve had numerous, hand to God, come to pass over the past 5 years by His grace since being first discipled in Christian prophetic ministry) & other promptings as to why He allowed certain biographical & historical events (including VERY familiar ones) to happen long before I was born and during my life. This has led to DRAMATIC emotional healing & associated closure by His grace. Please pray that The Lord CONTINUE this to completion, including closure as to why He allowed certain *people* into my life. Please pray, too, that God parlay this into healing from things as they pertain to my future & the future of this world. Please pray faithfully — the Holy Spirit prompted me to seek intercession to bolster this effort. The alternative historical & biographical events and why they were so undesirable to Him have indwelled in me so much gratitude and contentment for what really happened, even when it comes to disasters & other calamities; they also make logical sense, too. So PLEASE PRAY FAITHFULLY, along with whatever else Holy Spirit brings to mind. Thank you.