Prayer Request

Michael N, August 15, 2022 - 12:12 pm

58, money low, rent went up, no job, stamina waning. Exhausted. Blood test show nothing. How am I going to get through an 8 hour day when I am soooo tired? Hoping for a health/financial miracle. I want to wake up well with energy restored. And perhaps by some unexpected miracle a check will arrive at my door by a dead relative or PCH sweepstakes. I'm no spring chicken. Been working min wage dead end jobs all my life since high school paycheck to paycheck never being able to save . Now, with rent up 25 percent, groceries, inflation, gas, I'm in trouble. It's been a lifetime of stagnation, loneliness, failure, and broken dreams. No wife, no friends, money depleted, health waning. Pray God gives me a miracle