Prayer Request

Lovely, December 11, 2022 - 10:26 pm

Please pray for me. My neighbors are blocking my way to park my car inside the gate. I politely told them, begged them, I cried with tears and told them to remove their car. They can park their car little more front. Just 5 feet away and it won't block me from entering house. I begged them many times. Even they destroyed our electricity wiring, we were getting shock in plug points. Since 3 months no electricity bill coming because of damage from him. I am praying to my Living God, who has blessed me till now. We are midst of Hindu people. He's a pujari, he prays evil, do black magic on us. He talks so much to our other neighbors and stopped us from talking to them. We are staying like a jail dear Lord. No peace Lord, St. Mary please intercede for me. I am helpless mother crying for mercy. Please remove this problem surrounding my house dear Lord. They should know God's help on our family. Please I ask for mercy to give peace at home. Protect us from them Lord, they are dangerous to my family in many ways Lord. We need you now Lord.