Prayer Request

Anonymous Anonymous, December 17, 2022 - 10:41 am

I have a few areas in need of breakthrough prayer, please:

1. Myself and several others are suffering in a similar way. Please pray that God give us all faith, and move in power to keep his promises to us today, especially for spouses and for healing. Pray God completely remove every mountain in the way of his will. Pray for breakthrough, an abundance of love, and for lots of God’s redeeming love and grace. Pray for complete emotional/spiritual healing for our hope-sick hearts and for the grievous wounds to our souls that have manifested physical sickness. Pray God heal us, provide the desires of our hearts, end our suffering, and remove anything standing in the way of God’s will becoming manifest in these things. Pray God not delay, for life in place of death, and that our souls would prosper.
2. Please pray for miracles of salvation for my lost family and friends this Christmas and that God move in power today to bring them to saving faith in Jesus. Pray not one be lost. Pray they repent and God keep them from evil/harm. Pray God bless them all with great faith, understanding, and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Pray for prayerful, worshipful hearts, a thirst for God and His Word and that God‘s kingdom come and God’s will be done. Pray God use me to love and minister to my family and friends as he would do so.
3. Please pray for my mom and me that we would be safe, strong and healthy spiritually and physically and for God’s will, blessing and favor in our work, living situations, relationships and finances. Pray we would trust in and delight in the Lord and will and desire what God wants for us. Pray God keep us from all harm/evil, take us by the right hand, and open doors in the direction of his best will for us. Pray God take good care of us, bless us indeed, and empower us to take care of ourselves and bless others. Pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit and that God remove all unbelief, fear, guilt and shame. Pray all sickness be completely lifted from us, for revival, and for restoration.