Prayer Request

Anthony roberts, August 25, 2023 - 5:25 pm

Pray for me and my family, church home house of prayer, my brothers and family growing up that that maybe saved,

Favor with god and men,

Exceeding abundantly above all can ask or think

Protection from hurt , harm and danger, seen and unseen.

Terrance and family,

Maya , sister and family

Charles and family

Tone and son and family

Mercy and family and friends

I pray that god make it right

I repent for all my sins and that god help me daily and use me to win millions of souls for the kingdom

Business creation

Music career

For all my prayers to be answered and not hindered

Long life on Earth and after

Marriage, family, kids, ministry, home, car,

All the ones that I told god to use for his will for ministry

To be a brakes of light for those who are lost and need Jesus Christ,

For Jesus to help me and forgive me and to stop the plans of the enemy to steal, kill and
Destroy my destiny and all who he call me to meet and ordained to be in my life,

I'm not perfect but striving daily and I'ma sinner,

For god to stop them for trying to hurt , harm or take my life and family and friends and all those god call me to and to be with,

Greater spiritual discern ment

And to not be deceived any.more.

And I will have all god want me to have and more and what he have for me will not be stolen or taken away.

In Jesus Christ name amen

Also pray for john and Becca and family

Anthony roberts and family

Ron and family

Dale Gunn and sister Brittany Gunn and family

Courtney knealy and family

Courtney Jennings and family

Alil and family

Mike and family and grandma

Maya and sister and mom

Arie Cooke and family

Prophetess meech( house of prayer and family.

Evangelist( house of prayer and family)

Alyssa and family

Carl and family

China and family