Christmas Begins

Unravelling The Mystery Of Christmas

Christmas Begins

Where Did Christmas Begin?

This blog post will help in uncovering the mysterious origin of one of the most beloved holidays in the world – Christmas! We’ll explore the interesting history of Christmas and how it has become the beloved holiday we know and love today.


Christmas In 336 A.D.

Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated holidays around the world. But do any of us know where it all started? The origin of Christmas goes back to the third century. Christmas was started in 336 A.D. by a group a Christians that were increasingly interested in the Nativity. Their interest grew so much they began to meet to talk about the Birth of Christ. They met on December the 25th.
The Chronograph of 354 is a compilation of chronological and calendrical texts produced in 354 AD for a wealthy Roman Christian named Valentinus, it records that a Christmas celebration took place in Rome eight days before the calends of January by that group. So, the observance of Christ’s Birthday was started by Christians in 336. Paganism may have corrupted some aspects of it but Christians started it and should continue this tradition.
In addition, another key moment came when Christianity spread across Europe from its beginnings in Rome centuries ago and eventually reached desolate colder climates such as Germany and Scandinavia. It is thought that Christian missionaries traveling through these countries helped bring about what we now call “Christmas”. As they incorporated local customs into their faith-based celebrations marking Jesus’ birth, new traditions gradually emerged including caroling, lighting candles to signify God’s presence, exchanging presents as an act of love and taking part in feasts or parties on December 25th – giving rise to what would become our contemporary view on how to celebrate Christmas today!
Consequently, what we celebrate today typically reflects our own cultural backgrounds whether they may come from Paganism or Christianity origin. We have all become accustomed to certain popular customs which may differ even within the same nation due various factors such as demographics. Multiculturalism changes expressed differently on each continent just goes to show much diversity exists surrounding the topic of Christmas despite long lasting impressions created since very beginnings back many centuries ago.
As modern societies continue evolving bringing together old faith practices along numerous global influences, the meaningful spirit behind celebrating Christmastide will stay strong among future generations bestowed onto them through countless stories handed down over many years. We must keep ourselves to the importance of uniting underneath the single shared message of Christmas. That message is that the Lord Jesus Christ was sent to save all people from their sins.

Along the way , just maybe the human race will live peacefully together side by side, despite differences every country holds, freeing citizens to harmonize joyful and in unity whenever Christmas season arises!