Andrew Jackson

Take The Pardon

Andrew Jackson
In 1829 , a Philadelphia man named George Wilson Robbed the US Mail and killed someone in the process. Wilson was arrested, brought to trial, found guilty and sentenced to be hanged. Some friends intervened and were able to obtain a pardon for him from President Andrew Jackson.
But when Wilson was informed of this, he refused the pardon. The Sheriff was unwilling to carry out the execution. How could he when the pardon letter was laying on his desk? An appeal was sent to President Jackson. The President turned to the Supreme Court to decide the case.
Chief Justice Marshall ruled the pardon is just a piece of paper. The value of the pardon depends on its acceptance by the person implicated. So, if the pardon was refused by that person, it is then not a pardon.
George Wilson was hanged with his pardon laying on the Sheriffs desk. The pardon of Wilson pales in comparison to the greatest pardon ever offered to mankind. The forgiveness that is offered from Cross of Christ is so powerful that every single human can accept the pardon of Jesus in exchange for forgiveness of sins that leads to eternal life.
Don’t reject such a great salvation. Ask Jesus to come into your heart today