Satan’s Schemes Against God’s Plans

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Opening text: Jeremiah 29:11-14 

Jeremiah, the weeping Prophet , was sent by God to prepare Judah for repentance or captivity.

Jeremiah, in chapter 7, preached a sermon in the temple at Jerusalem. He elaborated on why Judgement was coming if Israel would not repent.

  • Everything God expected His people to do, they neglected to do
  • They returned to their old sinful ways and broke their covenant with God
  • They stole, committed murder, engaged in adultery, swore falsely, and worshipped other Gods
  • They oppressed the orphans and widows
  • The idolatry they engaged in was of the worst kind. They even setup idols of the queen of heavens, Ishtar. They went so far as to kill babies for sacrifice to these idols
  • The people thought as long as they performed the Levitical sacrifices in the temple, God would not punish them. They were Jews! Zion would never be defeated was their cry!
  • The people did not want to hear Jeremiahs preaching, even his own family! How dare Jeremiah say that Jerusalem would be overrun and destroyed!

The Jews were oblivious to the schemes and traps of Satan.

Satan plots to distract
  • Lucifers schemes are not always disasters
  • He distracts people from the body of Christ, if he can keep you away from believers
  • He distracts from the truth, the Word
  • He debases our spiritual authority (prayers)
  • He distracts worship
  • He distracts from healthy relationships – God’s image of you
  • People are used of satan – critical, opinionated, attention seekers, divisive

Satan distorts what God instructs

  • Satan tells half truths. There is just enough truth injected to get people off track
  • A great example is love , the Love God has for the human race is beautiful
  • The love between a man and woman who care for each other is designed by God to flourish, to be fruitful and multiply the Earth.
  • But look how twisted it is now. What I am preaching is hated just the same as when Jeremiah preached.
  • There are some godless people that would have no problem shutting down preachers like me if they could just like they did Jeremiah
  • Satans bottom line is to destroy God’s plans for this nation
  • I hope and pray that the remnant of God will wake up this nation to the reality of our condition